Before and After. Nothing will ever be the same again

Based on our solid experience in the area of personal and organizational development, we have created memorable experiences and dynamics that alter patterns of thought and behavior processes, which encourage the necessary transformation of people, teams and companies so that they can move forward with drive and focus toward their goals.

At InJoy Corporate we have our own style that is based on an innovative methodology. We present unique solutions, taken from ancestral knowledge, combined with contemporary techniques, which have shown to be highly effective. We believe that people are the catalyst for change in organizations.

InJoy Corporate is at your disposal to transform your company and to work with you in creating a unique proposal that can be part of a conference, a congress, a team-building exercise or training session, being tailor-made according to your needs. Speak to us.

Be the most amazing company! 



Get to know the experiences that InJoy Corporate can offer and choose the ones that best contribute to the success of your team.

Make the impossible, possible

Extreme seminar formats such as the firewalk are quickly changing the consciousness of the corporate world. The purpose of these unique and innovative exis...

More than a challenge, a certainty

This is one of the most incredible challenges of going beyond oneself – and also one of the most efficient. Doing things that we never thought we...

The power of focus

Walking on glass may seem impossible, one of those unsurpassable obstacles but it is in the decision to move forward that its enormous transformational...

See the solution in the blink of an eye

Vision Dance is a new approach to companies’ problems and an excellent unblocker, helping one to look at the same questions from a different perspective...

The face of success

Through this innovative and revealing experience we are going to make all the participants feel and reflect upon the different roles that exist in the...

Energize you team

Through rhythm, joy, cheerfulness and relaxation, we facilitate the development of the human potential. Imagine the explosion of unity and common goal that this...

Turn off the stress of your team

There is a button that turns off the stress and activates concentration. Discover yours. Meditation for Busy People is an innovative project which looks to...

A program to suit your needs

Choose the Menu, make your own recipe with InJoy Corporate's ingredients and create the program that  your team needs right now.

Firewalking Certification Training

Get a new career and a better life! Become a certified firewalking instructor and you will be presenting one of the most unique services in the world.

Communication without noise

And if you could sit side-by-side with someone with whom you work and conversation would happen naturally, without the interference of each ones ideas and...

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