InJoy, it is more than a name, it is a way of life....and work. 

Injoy was founded in 2004 and since then we have been working with people, we have inspired thousands of lives and we are committed to each step of this journey. In 2009 Injoy Corporate came to life to respond to the requirements of the corporate world.

InJoy (Inner + Joy), happiness that comes from within, reflects the choice of a new way of life – personally and professionally.

We believe that the success of each person happens when his/her potential is unlocked. We believe that the success of the company is related to human capital, strengthened by their personal and technical skills. For this reason we dedicate ourselves to creating opportunities that help people expand their unlimited potential, giving support to their inner growth, their motivation and their capacity to surpass themselves.

By means of promoting a new attitude in the employees, InJoy has contributed to improve corporate culture and increased productivity.


Flying towards results. Results bring success.  Success is being happy.

Our logo, the Humming-bird, fully expresses our values.  It is the only bird capable of flying in different directions, agile and fearless, tireless in its flight, enormous in its purpose and strong in its commitment.

The Humming-bird represents everything that we most believe in.

InJoy Corporate is tireless in our search for better experiences and processes that help people and organizations to go beyond their limits and to achieve excellence in their performance. We believe that we can help you with this objective, whatever the structure or type of your organization.

We love what we do. We do it in joy.


Inspired and Inspiring.

They are inspired people, with inspiring paths, multi-disciplinary backgrounds and a common purpose orientated to the universe of personal and organizational development.

United by the desire to support people and teams in the process of developing their creative potential to the fullest and in their capacity to achieve concrete results.

An inspired and inspiring team, also made better by an large number of experienced professionals, who share synergies: all to give to you transforming, unique and decisive experiences for the life of companies.

Founder & Trainer

Event Coordinator & Trainer

Account & Trainer

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