Kalid was the first major inspirer of InJoy.  His enthusiasm continues today, as when he started, inspiring all whom cross his path.

At a young age he went to San Francisco to study Cinema, but soon realized that his calling was to inspire people. At the age of 23 Kalid went to India to study personal development techniques and contemporary therapies. At the same time continued to travel the world in search of different tools to help people to live life to the fullest, having had the privilege to study under great masters from different areas.

In 2004 he founded InJoy Live Totally, a company dedicated to creating processes that allow each person to discover more about themselves, to awaken unlimited potential towards the full life they desire.
InJoy Live Totally is now recognized in Portugal, and in several countries, as one of the top companies in personal development. Kalid is invited by various companies and centers around the world to share his knowledge.

In 2009, Kalid and Satya founded InJoy Corporate and he is the driving force of the Modern Movement of the Firewalking Experience in Portugal. Kalid is the first Master Firewalker in Portugal and belongs to the exclusive group of 9 European Fire Masters.

Kalid shares, generously, with anyone who crosses his path all that he has learned, with the aim to inspire people and organizations so that they can reach their dreams and goals.
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