The love of nature took Agni to an Agricultural Engineering degree. But life had other plans for this experienced therapist and Events Producer.

Yoga awakened her to a new lifestyle and on her horizon she began to see the possibility of working as a therapist, as she began to realize the importance physical touch has in balancing health, both physically and mentally.

Aside from being an experienced therapist, with training in various areas, such as Shiatsu, and years of practice, Agni also accepted the invitation from Injoy to be responsible for the production of events at InJoy. Agni has a strong personality and a very assertive focus, allowing her to, with great ease, manage the very special conditions and challenging events that InJoy Corporate organizes. Making the events happen is Agni’s sole focus  and making it happen with the highest quality is a must for her. 

When many wonder how they can ever hold an event at the top of the mountain, Agni is already there creating and developing the event.

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