The face of success

We each play the roles we feel necessary to reach the goals we want to meet.

In all companies, in all work places, functions and roles are defined so that everything works with excellence.

There are, however, many roles played that limit relationships and create conflicts between co-workers, departments and sections in the work place.

Through this innovative and revealing experience, Original Face, we are going to make all the participants feel and reflect upon the different roles that exist in the corporate world.

When we become aware of the different roles, of the different masks that we use, we have the chance to re-evaluate them, we have the opportunity to understand the others position and our own, we can empathize with any situation and we can transform our role to create healthier and more productive relationships in the work place, which is where we spend most of our day.

Help your team to take off certain masks and become an Original Face, a face that promotes success!


Promotes empathy

Encourages more open and more healthy relationships

Develops the individual’s awareness of the role they play

Allows reflection on the group dynamics

Promotes behavioral changes

  • "The workshop proposed by Injoy made it possible for Portugal Telecom to get in touch with its strength, making possible that which, at first glance, seemed impossible and to realize that it is realistic to reach the goals which we set as a team! An experience of incredible impact, a real change in beliefs and attitude. Together we doubled our goals!"

    Vítor Almeida Santos

    Administration PT PRO Comunication PT

    “An intense experience, very emotional, which reinforced my conviction that each individual has all the necessary power inside him to achieve his ambition, in spite of its nature or dimension. A big thank you to the Injoy team.”

    Njiza Rodrigo da Costa

    Commercial Director ActivoBank7 by Millenniumm BCP

  • “This was, without a doubt, the BEST training session in which I have had the opportunity to participate in my 11 years of career. This experience unblocked my mindset, both for my professional and private life. It helped me to reevaluate various objectives that I sometimes thought inaccessible. I will, without hesitation, recommend Injoy’s to my friends, network, suppliers and competitors...“

    Cláudia Gama Ferreira

    Purchasing Department Unilfarma - Boehringer Ingelheim

    "I accepted the invitation with some reluctance... I am, now, totally convinced of the power of these metaphors to break limiting beliefs. The facilitators, the briefings, the proposed exercises, inspired us to take an active role in the search of innovative solutions. Every team needs this new attitude to overcome the difficult context we are going through. I would even say that the country could use this new catalyzing strength of InJoy."

    João Dias

    Managing Director Prio.E

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